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Getting Unstuck


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Getting unstuck.

That is the best way I can describe my days at the Making Things Happen Intensive 2016.

I had come across Lara Casey and her Power Sheets in 2014. Don’t know what Power Sheets are? Let me tell you!!
Power Sheets are a new way of goal setting and so much more! Through the process of working through the pages, you get to the good stuff. The deep down, life changing, heart changing goals. The things that are most important in life.
I found out about the Intensive at a time when I needed it most! I truly feel that God led me there. I had mentioned it to Terry and sent him a link and he emailed me my registration! What an incredible gift!
After the loss of our youngest son Thomas, I was trying to figure out how to live life again, while in a state of mourning. I felt like I had been wandering, just going through the motions of life without actually living! I wanted to be the joyful person that I always had been. I wanted to live! I was stuck and wanted to be unstuck.
During my time of mourning I look back and see how God carried me. My goodness, how HE carried me! There also comes a time when He urges us to move. MTH was that nudge that got me living again!
I was so nervous to go! Here I was an “ahem” middle aged woman, I was thinking “I should have my stuff together by now!” I was also worried I was going to be the oldest one there (by the way, I wasn’t!) and that no one would talk to me.  I look back now and realize how silly that was.
The moment I walked into the room that first morning and started talking with the other women there, all of my insecurities were gone.
It was two days of intensive, roll up your sleeves, dig in, heart work. It was a time to be honest with yourself. There were no distractions. Looking back I think the thing that made the most impact for me was that I poured out my heart and cried and these women that I had never met before heard me! I met and continue to keep in touch with some of them. I would call them my friends! We were all there for different reasons but we wanted to leave changed. That is what happened for me. I found and got back to the good stuff. During one of our breakout sessions on the second day a woman in my group commented how I looked lighter; from the expression on my face, to the sound of my voice. Everything was lighter. That is how I felt!!
The Intensive helped me find the courage to move forward and beyond. I also attribute this little business of mine to those two days in Chapel Hill.
The thing that also struck me was meeting women who had attended before and were back again. At the end of the two days I totally understood why you would want to go back again. I want to go back someday and dig a little deeper now that I feel like my heart and soul have been healed. I imagine the experience would be totally different, yet equally amazing!

If you want to attend Making Things Happen 2017 early bird registration (which is almost half off!!) ends January 31st! I promise you, you will leave changed!! And I will be sooo excited for you!


Photos by Robyn Van Dyke Photography 


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